Getting started –

It has been suggested that I begin keeping a blog related to our regular Thursday gaming nights.  We play every Thursday – and as it sits right now we play with the same group each night.

Every other Thursday I am running a West End Games D6: Fantasy game titled “The Trials of Everrun” – based around a world and campaign of my creation.

Alternating Thursdays, another in the group [whom I will call Drip Dry] is running a Dresden Files RPG game on the Fate system.

I will vow to do my best to post here after each game giving a recap of what happened and detail why (as much as I can while protecting spoilers) I did what I did as a game master or as a player.

My hope is to provide insight into the systems, as well as inspiration for both game masters and players as to how I think when I’m creating.  Expect most of the information to be related to the Everrun game, as it is my creation and the product of about 2 to 3 years of writing, rewriting and finally putting into paper a “better mousetrap” for a Pathfinder game that I was player in before it all began.

So without further adeu…


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