Trials of Everrun – Immediate Thoughts

It is shaping up to be a busy day and an even busier weekend.

At some point, I will post a full recap of what happened during last night’s Trials of Everrun session and why – but first I wanted to take a moment to give my players a big pat on the back.

This group never ceases to amaze me and inspire me with their level of intensity in the game – and I made some joking comments that I hope weren’t incorrectly received.

Like most game masters, I like to throw hooks, setbacks and downright ambush traps at the players to watch them overcome them.  It never ceases to bring me great joy when they spot those traps, identify them as traps both in- and out-of-character only to deliberately plunge headlong into them anyway!  Their bravery in the face of overwhelming odds (the phrase “I expect Kaderin to have them all dead before I even manage to draw my sword” was uttered), teamwork (“You guys work on the Ogres, I’ll work on the door.”) and flat-out logical bad-assery (Ogre blood corroding your axe?  Guess it’s time to choke the ogres to death instead.)

You keep me on my toes, Bad Batch – and I love you for it!

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