Trials of Everrun – Photos al’Nef! (WEG D6)

Last night’s game was pretty awesome. The players had a great time cracking the Ritual of Nef – and keeping the Ancient One from returning to Korrigan in our Trials of Everrun campaign.

A recap of some of the higher points of the game is coming soon.


Getting set up.  Look for a future post on the minis!

Wide shot of the Ritual.

A wide shot of the ritual room. The tiles I used will be highlighted in an upcoming DM Tip Series!  If I had to do it over again, I would have made some mini-bases in either white or blue – I think the green contrasted with the “icy” nature of the glacier tiles. I also would have re-made the Wyrm-skeleton out of cardboard instead of foam. It was too wobbly!

Close-up of the ritual.

A closer shot of the ritual room, from The Ginger’s perspective at the table! The characters haven’t entered the room yet in this shot.


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