Credits and Attributions

I am not a very artistic person.  I can give it the old college try when I have to but I rely on others to take care of the artwork while I stick to research and application.  Giving credit where it is due is very important to me as a published author, a business professional and a decent human being.  For that reason, all of us at Thirdwalling are eternally grateful and respectful of the fine copyright holders outlined below.  This site would not have the artistic flair that it does without the (mostly free) licensed material that these creative individuals provide.

Image Credits: 

Thirdwalling’s Profile Image – This image, titled Egyptian Dice,  is copyright to the Swiss Museum of Games and is used under the creative commons license.

Thirdwalling Top Banner Graphic – This image was created by yours truly using the free image editing program Gimp.  The following brushes were used to create the background of the banner:

    1. The Arcane Circles and Handwriting brushes are used in accordance with the terms of use put forth by their creator Obsidian Dawn and we claim no rights except those outlined therein.
    2. The images of parts diagrams are actually Wikimedia Commons images made into brushes as part of the Steampunk Brush Set created by Artemis-Stock and used in accordance with the creator’s requirements.
    3. The dice are part of the Dice Brushes Photoshop brush set originally created by mmp-stock and converted for use on Gimp by getfirefox, used according to their specifications.

It is our goal here at Thirdwalling to give every ounce of credit to those that deserve it.  With that in mind, if I – or any of the Thirdwalling contributors – have credited something incorrectly or failed to credit something we have used, please contact me and I will remedy the situation quickly.

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