DFRPG : St. Louis

An entirely new system to most of the Bad Batch, DFRPG: St. Louis is new game in the early phases of construction using the Dresden Files RPG system.  Not much has been flushed out as we are still in character / city creation but we know it is going to take place in St. Louis.  Nothing has been revealed on what type of game it is going to be yet – but for now it will represent the “Player” angle here on Thirdwalling.

Drop Anchor is a player in this game – something he seldom gets to do these days.  So let’s follow along from a player’s perspective and discover the impact the player tips can really have on a game!

3 thoughts on “DFRPG : St. Louis

  1. Ya found you on Facebook. Just the title of your game made me think you was in StL. I was going to see about joining your game, lol. Sorry to bother you.

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