Trials of Everrun – Photos of the Dwarf King’s Trial

Last night was the premier of my new dungeon tiles in the Trials of Everrun game!

Sadly, bringing the new dungeon tiles was about all I had for preparation – because I’d left all of my notes, maps and character sheets (basically my entire Current Module folder) sitting at the house.  So I flew it by the seat of my pants and everyone seemed to have a good time!

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Trials of Everrun – Photos al’Nef! (WEG D6)

Last night’s game was pretty awesome. The players had a great time cracking the Ritual of Nef – and keeping the Ancient One from returning to Korrigan in our Trials of Everrun campaign.

A recap of some of the higher points of the game is coming soon.
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Tip #1 – Arrive Prepared

Each week, I am going to strive to provide a new tip or suggestion for either players or game masters – new and seasoned – to make the game more fun and balanced.  These are areas where I will (and do) practice what I preach and I admire it in both players and game masters that I play with.  Using all of these tips in the every game session may not be appropriate – but if you use them as guidelines I think you’ll find things more enjoyable for everyone at the game table.

The first of these that I find on almost every list like this is for both players and game masters – arrive prepared.  But I’m going to translate what that means for me and my players and what it could mean for you and yours.

To both players and game masters arriving prepared means two things: arrive on time and bring your supplies.

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