Player Technology Part 3 – Dice Rollers

A decision needed to be made here, and I had a lot of trouble with it.  Comparing disparate dice rollers (a Fudge Dice roller for FATE core vs. a D20 set for Pathfinder) would have very little actual value for the community – but picking a single system to test dice for was nerve wracking.  So, at the end of the day I decided to pick the system less traveled – the one that’s newer (to us, at least) and seemed to be the most different;  FATE Core.

Looking around online, Fudge dice ranged pretty wildly in price.  Drip Dry was kind enough to buy a GM dice set and shares them with the team every week – and for most of the sets that I would want to purchase as an upgrade, the cost was around $10 for a set of 4.  But could a software dice roller really replace that?

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How to play FATE Core

Since we have not actually had a game in a few weeks due to personal matters, birthdays and holidays, the ThirdWalling archive has flat run out of buffer space.  So there is no post for this week – but there are some great ones in the works that should allow us to get a head start again!  In the meantime, please accept as compensation this video that The Fez found explaining the FATE core system in more detail:

TableTopTalk – How to play FATE Core – YouTube

The video has some great talking points on how to play the system that the Dresden Files RPG is based on.  Hopefully, all of Drip Dry’s players watch the video and get a better understanding for next week’s game!

DFRPG : Beginning Characters

In the DFRPG series, we’re going to follow a group of new players – The Bad Batch – as they explore a completely new system and world.  We are working through the Fate-driven Dresden Files Role Playing Game.  This was especially exciting for me as I have read every Dresden Files book and consider the series to be a favorite of mine.

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