Player Technology Part 4 – Making Minis

Like bringing your own dice (which you should always do), bringing your own miniature is a great way for players to get into the spirit of the game.  It gets players thinking about what their character looks like, gets them in the mindset of (literally) bringing something to the table and out of the mindset of expecting the game master to provide their fun.  But any player involved in several games – or not sure about a game – may not want to invest the bucks to buy expensive plastic miniatures.  What other options are there?  Make your own!

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Player Tip Series #1 – Technology at the Game Table

For over a month now, the posts on Thirdwalling have been dedicated to the Game Master – with the Tip Series on the Golden Rule and the sporadic other quick tips.  In this new series, we will be spending 4 weeks dedicated to the player – and making the play experience easier and more enjoyable by brining technology to the game table!

As a player – especially a first time player, or the first time playing with a new group – sitting down to the table for the first time can be a daunting thing.  But there is technology out there that can help us – as players – to be better equipped to gaming.  While this technology is by no means a requirement, over the course of these four weeks I – Bob Thirdwaller, devout player minimalist – will test out some software at the table to see if it benefits my play experience!

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Player Tip #4 – Keep Organized

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a disorganized player to find their dice or figure out a skill roll.

Arriving at a game session with the necessary equipment is important, but being prepared to actually use it is equally important.  As with most other aspects of life, organization is the key to a smooth gaming experience.  So let’s take a quick moment to go over some things that you can do, as a player, to be more organized at the game table.

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