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Map software!

In a recent GM Quick Tip we talked about websites for gaming maps.  We got a lot of great feedback on the Tip as well as some good comments from a lot of map makers.  However, one cannot build a gaming empire on randomly generated maps and Google Image searches! So what software do you use when you want to make your own maps?

Below are a few of the resources that I employ at the Thirdwalling table when I’m building maps for my current Trials of Everrun game for map and dungeon building!

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Player Technology Part 2 – Character Building Software

This was a topic that held a lot of excitement for me, personally – but all of us at Thirdwalling.  All of us love building characters – maybe not as much as The Fez – and anything that can be done to streamline the process and give us a more standardized and digital result is a welcome addition to our game table for sure!

When I initially set out to research for this aspect of the article (about two years ago, actually) we were deeply embroiled in a West End Games Star Wars campaign of my design.  I searched for some time for a Star Wars character generator – or really any D6 character generator – to use with this.  Ultimately I wound up with a .pdf of my own design: ThirdwallSWCharSheet.  But I really wanted to explore technology beyond .pdf sheets – even after The Ginger did a great job of converting my Star Wars sheet into a savable .pdf form it just wasn’t enough.  So when I started playing Pathfinder D20 with another group I used it as a place to unwind – and also to test out the more affluent technology available to the D20 crowd.  Sorry D6ers – I’d have loved to have offered you a great solution in this regard but I simply couldn’t find it.  If you know one (especially a free one!) please post it in the comments!

So I selected three reasonably popular character builders to conduct this test.  They were the somewhat costly Herolab – which thankfully The Fez had a license for so he was my guinea pig – the free PCGen and an even free-er Google Doc Spreadsheet The Ginger found on a Google search.  Let’s see how they rated up?

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