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Trials of Everrun – The Vampire in the Catacombs

Hired by the local Mine owner / Fat Cat, Avery Diazo to clear out his mines and put an end to the killings surrounding the place, the Long Shots’ time of rest and healing is interrupted by a murder investigation in the small down to Telgam.  The events that unfolded over the next few hours did little to abate their uneasiness of the world below the city, and have solidified Jerrede’s hostility toward the humans in town.  But what’s really going on in Telgam?  And what did the city’s long-entombed Vampire teach them about the city sleeping above their heads?

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Trials of Everrun – Photos al’Nef! (WEG D6)

Last night’s game was pretty awesome. The players had a great time cracking the Ritual of Nef – and keeping the Ancient One from returning to Korrigan in our Trials of Everrun campaign.

A recap of some of the higher points of the game is coming soon.
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