Trials of Everrun – Photos of the Dwarf King’s Trial

Last night was the premier of my new dungeon tiles in the Trials of Everrun game!

Sadly, bringing the new dungeon tiles was about all I had for preparation – because I’d left all of my notes, maps and character sheets (basically my entire Current Module folder) sitting at the house.  So I flew it by the seat of my pants and everyone seemed to have a good time!

[Edit Note:  I moved this behind a “more” link to hide the images from the main Thirdwalling page by request of some people using crank-start computers with poor image-handling skillz. – Thirdwaller]

After freeing Father Ice from the Ritual al’Nef last session, they were granted a single favor by the big Ice Wyrm in exchange for his newly-granted freedom.  They wisely chose safe passage out of Korrigan and got to witness firsthand the devastation that the wyrm unleashed on the “vermin” that had imprisoned him in the ice in the First Age of Man – when 3rd Grows were just “Dwarves” and men were slaves to big ice wyrms.

On their way out, they came across Father Ice – having taken the form of a Third Grow Warrior for more sporting extermination of the residents of Korrigan – and the last of the three Third Grow girls that they rescued from the Hagmother.  They were fighting their way through the royal palace in Korrigan and had just unseated the dwarf king.




In this image you can really see the action.  The Wyrm, in Dwarf form (green base with the 5 on it) and the female 3rd grow (green base with 6 on it) standing over the sniveling dwarf king (base 7) as Bran and Jerrede are coming through a hole in the wall at the back of the room.  In the hallway behind the hole, Kaderin is pulling a hand cart (which I made just a bit too large to fit down the passages!) with the injured Roxas inside.




Cool perspective shot from Leg Up’s view.

Leg Up really surprised me here – and stopped the Wyrm and the Third Grow girl from killing the king.  Not because he wanted to protect his kinsmen – but because *he* wanted to be the one to end the tyrant’s rule!  They captured his Last Words (“I am your king!”) and recorded them on white parchment to earn themselves 5 more points in their Scavenger Hunt (Last words of a Condemned Man).

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