WEG-D6 : Trials of Everrun

The Trials of Everrun is a High Fantasy game set in Everrun – a Kingdom of Man, where magic (and being any race identifiable as inhuman) is illegal.  We’re using the West End Games D6 Fantasy system – which is available in hard-copy fairly cheaply on the internet or in .pdf on Drive Through RPG for free.

The game is being run by myself (Drop Anchor) and all the rest of the Bad Batch are players. It began on April 18th 2013 with the following teaser:

A century and a quarter have passed since King Linias – the so-called Kingfather – began a brutal war against the Enclave of Magic on the evening of his only son’s birth.  The long and bloody war saw all but the most secretive of wondrous creatures driven north of the wall that separates Everrun from the the northern Kingdom of Elves – leaving the Linias’ son, Linium to inherit of kingdom of man and its war with the so-called “Savages” to the north.

At over 125 years old, King Linium has died – and as the Enclave predicted at the celebration of his birth, his widows left him no heir to inherit the throne.  So the ancient traditions of the Enclave have been revived – the Mages of Everrun will select the next King.

For the first time in over 100 years the gates of the wall have opened, and the so-called “Savage” races are answering the call of the Enclave of Everrun. The millenia old rite of the “Trials of Everrun” have attracted fame and fortune seekers from the world over on the promise that the Champion of the Trials will be declared royalty and they will choose the next King of Everrun.

This is my first real foray into Fantasy games in almost 10 years, so it has thus far been an adventure in Trial and Error with some positive results.

Resources –

My disdain (and refusal to use) most stock character sheets and resources is fairly well known by the Bad Batch.  Below are the custom files that were made for this game.  They were created strictly for personal use, using images and other resources taken from Google image searches – so Thirdwalling can claim no copyright or license on any of them.

Use them if you like or don’t.  All we ask is that you do not charge for them – as they are not ours to license to you.

Character Sheet – A two-pager.  Usually we prefer to keep them at 1 page long, but there was too much going on to accommodate a single page here.

Spell Design Sheet – D6 Fantasy is unique in the gaming systems that we have used in that the player creates their own magic, rather than selecting from a pre-built list.  This sheet is used to design the spells for the two magi we have in the party – played by The Ginger and The Fez.

Religion Worksheet – There is a huge list of state-recognized gods that I sent out as part of the players’ game information.  They are also encouraged to create their own gods and religion using this sheet.

Miracle Design Sheet – We have a paladin in the party – played by Drip Dry – and this is used to design his miracles.

Game Master’s Monster Card – I wind up creating one of these for every game I run.  Having the “vital” stats at the bottom makes it easy when I’m playing to just grab the roll I need, but the other skills are necessary if the players get creative.

Other Game Information – 

When I am creating a new world, I borrow traps and puzzles and story ideas from a host of sources.  By the time I am done, there is seldom anything recognizable as having come from a single resource that the players can reference.  For that reason, I create my own reference materials, below:

Everrun Gods – The list of gods and an explination of the state recognized religion.

House Rules – The house rules have been updated a few times since this .pdf was compiled, but this gives a general idea of the types of rules that game masters (working with their players) can and should create to fill in the gaps.  Many game systems give game masters options – and publishing a list of house rules like this for your party helps keep them straight.

Posts about this game – These posts are tagged with in this Category.   Everything from pictures of the game table, recaps of game play and tips specifically related to this game.

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